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Film Crew

Dark Window Media provides full crew services for feature films, documentaries and TV production on set, location and post production. Our crew are amongst the best in the business with expansive equipment and are widely experienced in working with international productions and possess the ingenuity and flexibility necessary for the smooth running of any production process.


Location Scouting

We provide an in depth scouting service to lock down your locations. Providing local knowledge and liason. More importantly making sure you get the best deals.


Film Producing & Development

Covering all areas from script breakdown, budgeting, scheduling in all 3P areas of pre-production, production during principal photography and post production.

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Your Team


    Kathy Horgan


    Producer, writer (MA), production coordinator and law graduate who worked in the legal profession and with Celtic Films Ireland..


    Michael Parle


    Producer, actor and writer with twenty-eight years in the entertainment industry working with many of the best directors and actors from Ireland and the UK.

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