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North Circular Road (2014)

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The Observer Effect

A young woman's footsteps are haunted by a shadowy watcher; a man whose mind is riven by thoughts of an unspeakably vicious crime - of which she is to be the victim. While she goes goes about her days unaware her shadowy stalker circles ever closer while he plans and prepares, honing and testing himself for the terrible night.

Directed by Garret Walsh
Producers: Kathy Horgan & Garret Walsh
Writer: Garret Walsh
Starring: Vanessa Emme, Patrick O'Brien, Brendan Sheehan

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North Circular Road (2014)

A young couple Janice and Matthew buy their dream home and after moving in, Janice encounters ghosts in the house soon finding herself wrapped up in a chilling drama being played out before her eyes.

Directed by Donal Nugent
Producers: Kathy Horgan & Michael Parle
Writer: Donal Nugent
Starring: Patrick O'Donnell, Lorna Larkin

Forgotten Codes 

The GAA is one of the world's most successful amateur sporting organisations and considered one of the pillars of Irish cultural identity. However, two of its foundation sports, set out in its original charter in 1884, are virtually unknown to the millions of fans of GAA sport around the world today: GAA Handball and GAA Rounders. This documentary sets out to investigate these sports, their enormous legacy abroad, particularly in the US, and asks why they have become so neglected at home and what can be done to redress the situation. 

The Blessed Ignorance of Men

Colm loses his job as an estate agent and is dumped by the girl of his dreams almost simultaneously. Stuck in a rut he jumps at the unlikely opportunity to enter the priesthood. Posted back in his home village Colm tries his best to be an upstanding member of the community, but is hampered on all sides by the antics of his eccentric friends and the advances of his now ex girlfriend Sally. Say a prayer for Colm...The path to enlightenment just became a much more difficult journey.
​The Man in my Bedroom (2013)
Directed by Colin Downey

A man comes home from the pub worse for wear to find a man in his bedroom.
​Working it Out (2013)
Director Paul Heary

Duncan Pierce is dismissed from a job interview by a tough female executive on the anniversary of his wife's death. After the executive is fired by her boss, a chance encounter brings the business woman and Duncan together. We are left to wonder if the deceased supernaturally meant for them to meet.
​The Death of James Connolly (2009)
Director Francis Strickland

English Officer, Major Overton supervises the final hours of James Connolly, Commander in Chief of the Irish citizen army, sentenced to death for his role in the failed rebellion of Easter 1916, Dublin.
Stranger in the House (2009)
Directed by Michael Sullivan

An award winning short film celebrating the many invented personas which came into play in the friendship between Orson Welles and Irish actor Micheal MacLiammoir.